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Scarborough Fair The Guthrie Brothers


Since they were kids, Jock and Jeb Guthrie have been playing and singing together in one way or another. It started at their house in Green Bay, Wisconsin, sometime after the Packers’ golden years. In the early days their music motors were fueled by the music of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Santana, oldies, Motown, country and even swing and doo-wop.

Jock has always been the guitar master, and Jeb the drummer dude but, having a built-in teacher at arm’s length, Jeb began to play the guitar. The combination of two guitars, two vocals and two brothers was an idea whose time had come. After several band gigs in the ‘90s, they released their debut album in 1996 which has been re-released on all the major digital music distribution systems, e.g. iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.

They knew the first time they played a Simon and Garfunkel song that their voices blended effortlessly into that S & G signature sound. The overwhelming audience reaction to their performances confirmed those feelings. Their journey continues as they take their message of harmony directly to the people in their shows and events.